Meditating for beginners in 10 practical steps

  1. One of the things that I personally learned is that after a small snack or tea or even after a glass of water is an ideal time to meditate. I wouldn't recommend attempting to meditate on an empty stomach. It has never worked out for me!

  2. As a beginner I would basically set a non expectation intention. You want to go into it from an observer mindset. It not really a right or wrong way to meditate as long as you're staying focused on the intention.

  3. Get comfy! Chile LISTEN .. I am a woman of size (AKA Juicy Queen) so some of the meditation positions I try to put myself in doesn't always resonate with the physical my body is currently in so I will sit in a chair with my feet planted or even laying down. The crossed legs may not always be comfortable, AND THATS OK !

  4. Explore sounds and music. You may even realized you like absolute Silence. if not, explore binaural beats or different hertz frequency. Sound bowls and meditation music are also great options.

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